Use RFID to help by endoscope management

Mobile Aspects has announced to improve the development of a new solution for the use of management and reprocessing of endoscope equipment for healthcare providers.

iRIScope known, the solution takes advantage of the respective attributes of Mobile Aspects RFID tag Technology “and expanded the portfolio of the company to assist provide for additional wants in the operating room speciality aid dressing .
With the rapid growth of the non-invasive procedures in countries such as gastroenterology, many healthcare facilities have placed heavily in the acquisition of equipment, endoscope, oft an investing of more than a million dollar marks . Unfortunately , computer storage and employment of such expensive equipment in a busy, high traffic areas , many cases of theft are well documented. In addition, because of its clinical applications programme in humen , nonindulgent communications protocols for disinfection and treatment equipment are required are required With margins in these reusing protocols , important perils can rise for cross-contamination of equipment and risk of infection for the patient .

be employed by the development of iRIScope, locomoting regions in conjunction with RFID workflow automation software program to address these complex problems , and many others. The cabinet-based solution secures endoscopes and manages access to monitoring tools, while the use, repair and conformation with disinfection protocols .

In addition to making out the equipment, the state of patient base hit in a variety of ways , notably by the machinelike assignment of individual patients to unique endoscopes and procedures. In conclusion, through the work places that automatise the re-documentation during the High level disinfection can serve checks that the minutes postulated to cut back any risk of cross contamination or infection of the patient role.

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4 Application of primary use of technology RFID.

Technology, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology is gaining attention around the world right now. Also believe that it is technology affecting daily life and business. Because this technology can be applied to various applications such as in retail wholesale production until management Supply Chain and Logistic and Security (Security & Access Control) and is expected to be technology to replace bar codes have a role. Features of the chip with higher capacity.

RFID technology can be said that the electronic data collection system. The capability to calculate and maintain data security. And transmission by magnetic or electromagnetic waves instead of physical contact with the market expectations of RFID technology in 2008 are valued worldwide by up to 124,000 million U.S. And Europe will start using RFID in Supply Chain System in the next year resulted in the awareness of the technology around the world.

4 Application of primary use of technology RFID.

Significant degree, Dr. Wong, managing director of Comet IEC Technologies Ltd., said RFID technology is a technology that is useful and Application of a variety of applications. The highlight is a small chip that can store ID. Chip is favorable for Integrated systems also have Security better be used to working in finance and e-Purchase, where if the RFID system with Integration of good will can reduce the cost of production is another feature. Good implementation of RFID technology applications. Makes it easy for users and consumers. Especially when the features of RFID technology, compared with the use of bar codes. Reliability would reflect the better because the code does not disappear. And a memory chip can store data in a long time.

Current application of RFID technology can be divided into 4 Application to use Access Control is the main characteristic of Personal Identification. About access control – the buildings or places Member Card to support a wide variety of Retail and e-Purchasing Logistic and Supply Chain Management Animal Tracking, including work-related agricultural and livestock Thailand RFID technology, which can be applied to work as well.
We will continue on RFID next day ,See you next time.

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Business model for RFID technology used in industry

Establish a network of computers. The service’s software. Or management services. We are becoming important topics in information technology field since last year. All three services on the same idea is to manage daily The third party (Third Party) is a provider.

Current business environment with different software supply chain software. But management services in RFID is seen as a new business model from the report of the VDC Research Group Company Research on Technologies Casino Yee in the state of metabolic Massage Susan process reports that the industry many are not sure about. provides RFID.

Drew Nathanson, Director of Management Services, said now is tied to a service on RFID and is new to offer to the industry. But just what will happen.

Service management helps reduce the risk to the business. Business model is a managed services solution provider will own and maintain software, hardware and software. This will help users reduce costs and have always used the latest technology. It would be a supplier to provide the latest technology.

Now is the leading provider of service management are two forms Savi Technology ( and ODIN Technologies (
Business model being used in industry, there are three types.
• service model’s software. User-owned hardware. But the company as an intermediary for hosting and maintenance software, software.
• service model hardware purchase. The leading provider of leasing services. A RFID reader hardware and maintenance associated with the solution used.
• Mixed forms package that includes hardware, software and software together. Charges a membership fee and depending on the level of service. Based on the number or label has been read.

Benefits derived from managed services is the ability of providers to analyze data. To be stored in the system already Nathanson said that even though the service will work together to control the security department, but Savi Technologies system around structures that look extremely well received. Users in China can scan the label and can be watched in real-real time when exports to the United States. Working through the Internet. This is one of the supply chain process.

Nathanson concluded that while RFID technology is likely to be beautiful and can be extended to other markets.

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